Sunday, September 20, 2020

Comment Wall for My Portfolio

My portfolio project is located here! Please enjoy!

Here's a lovely meme to kick things off.


  1. Hi, Rachel! I thoroughly enjoyed reading your stories. I can tell that you also enjoyed writing them yourself and you put effort into it. The focus for this week’s feedback is the author's notes. I also read “How Silver-Fox Created the World” and I thought the changes you made in your story were impressive and different. Upon reading your story, the tone was unlike the source story. I could also feel the pain and sadness Fox and Coyote felt through the story’s dialogue. Why/how did you come up with the plot of the world burning? It’s interesting how you took a light-hearted story and made it into something more substantial and emotional -- I like it! The second story, “Damon and Samantha,” was also a fun read! It definitely made me not like Damon; I was hoping he was going to change for Samantha, honestly. The author’s note for this story explains the changes you made from the source story well and why you did so. Overall, the stories are great and the author’s notes are informative and helpful. Awesome work!

  2. Hi Rachel!
    First off, you're a magnificent writer! Your way of describing details to help bring them to life is so amazing! I would’ve thought this was a piece of writing from an actual book! I also really really enjoyed your other storybook posts! I think my favorite one, though it was kind of depressing was the fox and coyote story. It was so vivid and I could really see all the details fox was describing in my head. I also found myself grieving along with fox because of how detailed the story was. The story was so good, but I want more!!! I want to know what happened to the land that fox created, why did he have to destroy it? what caused his decision to do it? I'd love to learn the background of the story for sure, from your creative point of view! Anyway, great job Rachel! Keep writing!


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